About Antiques And Collectibles...


  • Dictionaries often describe an antique as an item that is at least 100 years old.  So much for that TV in your basement that you hoped was a valuable antique.
  • Laws of supply and demand determine the value of most antiques and collectibles.  
  • Condition is very important when determining the value of an antique.  A cut glass bowl in mint condition may be worth $100, but just one chip can drop the value by half.
  • Popular items today include vintage jewelry, hunting and fishing related items, dresser top items, railroad memorabilia and small advertising items such as paperweights, measuring tapes etc.
  • Less popular are most limited edition items (Christmas plates, figurines, bottles etc.), pattern and pressed glass from the 1920's or earlier especially if it is clear (not colored), sports cards newer than the mid 1970's etc. 

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