Tom the Runner


(FYI - Tom is a sprinter - any race over 200 meters is wayyy too far).  Tom won his first track award in 1956 (5th grade).  

Zowie! Were stopwatches even invented back then?

1966 & 1967 - As a sprinter at Nebraska Wesleyan, Tom set school records at these distances:

 60 yds.

 75 yds.

 100 yds.

 220 yds.

 300 yds.

Plus running on three record setting relays

1967 - Became Nebraska Wesleyan's first All-American in Track & Field, 100 and 220 yard dashes

As a Master's runner, Tom has some noteworthy accomplishments: 

Two-time national champion - indoors - 200 meter dash

200-Meter gold medalist at North American Master's Meet, Xalapa, Mexico

200-Meter bronze medalist, European Indoor Master's Meet, Birmingham, England

Winner of over 40 gold medals at Nebraska's Cornhusker State Games.


WOW! Enough bragging - it is obvious that Tom is still kicking. But, where can you find him?

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