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Tom's Essentials... 
Nebraska's ONLY Hands-On, Real Life, What Your Stuff Is Actually Worth,
"Amazing Collectible And Antique Appraisal Event"
As A Dynamic Speaker & Humorist,
He Can Make You Laugh Too...
When your audience needs an appraiser, professional keynote speaker or a motivational humorist - one who blends light humor with strategies that actually work with real life solutions they can use right away, then you want Tom Bassett.
Expert Antique Appraiser...
If you need a change of pace for your group or organization, why not book this expert to do an appraisal of their personal antique items?  Tom will give an honest professional appraisal in addition to entertaining and delighting everyone.
Motivational Speaker and Humorist'...
Many organizations are thirsting for a speaker that offers something fresh, motivational, and meaningful as well as humorous and a terrific business investment.  You will love this guaranteed 'can't miss' speaker.
Bottom Line...
Should your organization or group need a morale and energy level boost, you want them to hear a motivational speaker that offers a mix of high-content value and pure comedy.  It's simple... Just Book Tom!
A Side Note...
Most people consider Tom an even better human being and friend than an appraiser or a speaker.